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    Title: Oilfield Data Analytics

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    Title: Shale Analytics

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    Short Course 1: Oilfield Data Analytics

    This is our most popular short course that has been taught more than 50 times all around the world. This short course covers the fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI&ML) and provides the theoretical background for its most used components such as artificial neural networks, genetic optimization and fuzzy logic.

    The short course will provide insight on the type of problems that can be solved using AI&ML techniques. The larger part of the short course is devoted to field applications of these tools in production optimization and recovery enhancement of green (New) and brown (Mature) fields.

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    Short Course 2: Shale Analytics

    Alternative Solutions for Reservoir & Production Management of Shale Assets with Case Studies from multiple Shale plays and up to 7000 shale wells.

    This short course covers the fundamentals of data-driven analytics and predictive modeling. It provides the required insight and details on how this technology can be used to analyze and model the complex behavior of production from shale wells in the presence of massive, multistage, multi-cluster hydraulic fractures.

    Using "Hard Data" (filed measurements) as building blocks, predictive models are trained, calibrated and validated and used for frac design and optimization purposes.

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    Short Course 3: Data-Driven Reservoir Simulation and Modeling

    An Alternative to Numerical Reservoir Simulation & Modeling.

    Using Data as the Main Building Blocks for Comprehensive Reservoir Simulation Modeling is the New Paradigm in Reservoir Engineering and Management of Complex Fields.

    The short course will provide insight on application of data-driven modeling in reservoir simulation and modeling. The participants will learn how to develop reservoir simulation models from data. When data from field measurements are used the reservoir simulation model is called Top-Down Model (TDM) and when the data from an existing numerical simulation model are used the model is called Smart Proxy (Surrogate Reservoir Model - SRM).

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    ISI Web Events

    Data-Driven Workflow
    Title: The Game Changing Impact of Data and Data-Driven Solutions in the Upstream Oil and Gas Industry Visit Event

    TDM Workflow
    Title: Data-Driven (Fact-Based) Reservoir Modeling of Mature Assets. Visit Event

    SRM Workflow
    Title1: Smart Proxy Modeling for Numerical Reservoir Simulations – Big Data Analytics in E&P Visit Event
    Title2: Smart Fields: A Data-Driven Approach to Making Oil Fields Smart Visit Event

    Shale Analytics Workflow
    Title: Shale Asset Management via Advanced Data-Driven and Predictive Analytics Visit Event


Intelligent Solutions, Inc. is the sole provider of training courses that is focused on application of Data-Driven Analytics, Predictive Analytics, and Data-Driven Predictive Modeling in the Oil & Gas Industry.

All ISI courses include a section that is dedicated to the theoretical background of data-driven technologies such as Artificial Intelligence & Data Mining. Main focus of these courses is case studies and field applications of these technologies.

All ISI training courses are offered in 2, 3, 4, and 5 days versions. Please contact us for fee structure of the listed short courses. Click on each of the items to see detailed brochures.


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Testimonials on Short Courses

  • This is an Excellent Course!
  • I learned a great deal, especially in surveillance & stimulation methods.
  • Shahab did a marvelous job explaining the fundamentals and his programs are very practical and useful. On behalf of the ... thank you for providing a great class.
  • Very nicely done, very nicely done. Brought the subject alive, ...
  • This course help me to go from single well analysis to multi-well analysis.
  • I am anxious to take these techniques back to our management to demonstrate the "new tool box" that is presented in this course.
  • I enjoyed this course and am looking forward to applying what I have learned.
  • This course gives me another option to apply reservoir optimization in a play that has traditionally driven by statistics.
  • This course was very good and I am very happy for taking it. Thanks!